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How To Wear

 How you wear Laya-T

1. Starts under the bust - stops at the hips.
2. Step into it and adjust length as you like.
3. Place at bra line all the way round your body
t should hug you perfectly. 
4. Then layer with your favourite top. 
Laya-t sits just under the bust and continues over the hip creating the perfect hourglass figure. Its soft and luxurious, technical fabric has been designed to lay flat without rolling up, providing ultimate supportive comfort. Whether you pick from essential, luxe or active ranges, you can be sure of exceptional quality. The essential range available in black and white features a two-way breathable stretch fabric perfect for all-day wear.
Luxe features a super-soft, lace style, lightweight fabric again in black and white, which is non-bulky and perfect for eveningwear. Active ranges available in black, aqua and pink stay in place during even the most intense of workouts. The breathable fabric enables you to keep your cool and move effortlessly from gym to juice bar.